Our city is our home. And citizens make the city.

You and citizens like you play a vital role in making our city the best place to live, work, and play. Your hopes, ideas, and actions can help shape our future.

Citizen Chats are designed to bring together a small group of people to discuss the local issues that matter most to you, share different perspectives and explore solutions. The Chats give you the space to appreciate, to be inspired, to ideate, and to be motivated to make change. It is designed for a group of 7 to 10 people, facilitated by a Convenor or Host. The toolkit contains a helpful guide, tips and tricks to making your Chat a success and a welcoming environment for all.

The Citizens Academy will amalgamate the ideas and comments from these chats into an anonymous public summary, to be shared widely, for everyone in Ottawa to read our citizens’ dreams, inspirations and actions.

After taking part in a Citizens Chat, stay in touch with your Convenor and watch this space for information on a larger public Chat in the Fall, where you will be able to connect with others dreaming big for Ottawa. citizen chat in action

Convenors: Be sure to submit your notes to Citizens Academy following the link here!

Let’s hear what you have to say

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