Learn. Connect. Act.


Civics Boot Camp explains the role of key civil society organizations, outlines the essentials of the civic engagement process, and encourages teams to test their skills as agents of change.

Parties with Purpose bring people together around an issue, idea or tool and give everyone an opportunity to walk away knowing a little more about what they can do to advance their ideas … with a bit of a party, of course!

Group Animations help institutions better leverage the value of engaging citizens and others into sustainable and more effective business decisions. Organizations will leave with tools and methods to help you design and practice meaningful engagement.


Citizen Chats provide a structure for hosting citizen chats in neighbourhoods. We offer tutoring in new processes of engagement for neighbours, community associations, and others to help them replace adversarial styles with collaborative learning and acting at a neighbourhood level.

Not Your Dinner Table Discussions allow for people of all backgrounds, stakes and appreciations for a common issue to come together and co-create solutions. Joining a conversation with a diversity of citizen voices and lived experiences can help us see things from a different perspective, spur innovative thinking and share ownership of making things happen at a city-wide level.


Project GO provides learning and mentorship for small civic groups already working to turn their idea into reality. Community initiatives may apply for a 6- month program where they will have regular access to a team of experts who will provide ongoing support, skills, and advice tailored to your needs.